• Apart from our own deLuca's we also build and restore vintage cars and hotrod's. We don't just do restorations to order; Occasionally we find diamonds in the rough which we are able to restore, for a fair price and offer for sale. Sometimes these are one-off projects but we have also had occasions, in the past, where customers have been inspired by one of our creations and want something similar. Whether you chose to provide the car yourself, or have us source one for you, we can restore your dream car, the way you desire. Are you looking for a partial restoration? That is also possible. Below are a few restorations which have produced satisfied owners.
    • MGB Sebring v8
    • Ford Mustang Fastback
    • Suzuki SJ410
    • Porsche 911 carrera motor revision
    • Ford Mustang Cabriolet partial revision
  • Ford Anglia hotrod & MG Midget racer

    The owner wanted a reliable car, for private and business use, which they could drive without fear of regular breakdowns. A sturdy look (Flaired arches, no bumpers, no badges, no reflectors or other distracting items on the bodywork.)